A series of concepts pitched to a client while working for Logo Mojo. The company aimed to create a service similar to yelp that specifically connects restaurants with their customers. As well as offering location based suggestions and exclusive deals, customers can interact with business in real time to improve their dining experience.

At the time they were still experimenting with capitalization and direction. They had several concepts in mind such as a signal passed back and forth and an X made by overlapping Q's. We offered our own ideas along with these interpretations, each accompanied by demonstration of the logos potential as a mobile app icon.

X marks the spot where business and consumer can interact. The icon also demonstrates how the logo could be enlarged to abstraction and used as a design element.

This concept focuses on the app as a place for two signals to meet. The bullseye imagery used in the icon version establishes BlinqLinq as the meeting place.

Resembling both a question mark and a location pin as seen on GPS, this icon presents the app as the go-to way to ask questions and find information.

In this logo BlinqLinq is represented as a portal between users. A flow of information is implied using a wave shape to communicate the ease and speed of use.

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