Emily is a multiple-disciplinary designer who is excited about almost everything but especially making things look good. Her hobbies include meeting impossible deadlines, picking up new skills rapidly, and reading between the lines to make insightful assessments of client needs.

In addition to an intimate understanding of the standard Adobe arsenal, Emily has picked up a variety of unique skills over the wide range of job titles and industries she has worked in- from tricaster operation to copywriting. Her visual problem-solving ability can speak for itself but her astute observations and knack for creative solutions has often extended to facilitating interdepartmental collaboration, art direction, and creative consulting of all kinds.

When not accomplishing more in less time than expected, Emily can be found making your job easier, boosting office moral, and staying late to work on an additional mock-up because she had a cool idea someone somewhere had a hard time understanding without seeing.



Click here for the PDF. Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to hear more about my experience- or better yet, bring me in for an interview! That sounds like a good idea.



"Emily is great! When it comes to Graphic Design the girl has skills. You'll ask her to come up with a concept and she'll hand you a sheet of paper with your design lovingly rendered. It looks real. 

As a person she's easy to talk to and fun loving. She has a natural, down to earth way of making everybody feel comfortable."

- Roland Lowe
Technology Coordinator
Schluter Systems


"Emily is the person you hire when you want brilliant ideas, when you want a project to go beyond the usual and need a spark of energy and enthusiasm on your team. 

Emily has been an incredible asset to Schluter-Systems, the Digital Services Group and the marketing team as a whole. Her knowledge, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, team work, innovative thinking and ability to get things done has been beyond valuable. 

I hope I am lucky enough to have our paths cross in the future. Given the opportunity - I would hire her again."

- Arian Hopkins
Global Digital Marketing Manager
Schluter Systems


“Every night before bed I pray to baby jesus that you don’t find a job somewhere else so you can’t leave.”

- Alex Roman
Helix Studios

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